Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kanowna (short film)

The director I work with as part of Forgeworks, Chris Richards-Scully, has been shooting a short film set in 1902 called Kanowna. I had some early involvement with script editing and attending a few creative meetings and it's good to see this one get off the ground.

The pitch:

In a dusty, dry cemetery in a little known corner of Western Australia there is a plaque that tells a tragic tale from our gold mining past, but this tale isn’t one you’d expect. It is a story of the loss of a newly born baby, a double murder and a gunfight. It is 1902, the major participants are Japanese and the place is called Kanowna.

The film stars Dustin Clare (Underbelly 2) and Peta Sergeant (Satisfaction).

Chris has set up a blog at

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