Friday, November 13, 2009

Next PAC Script Lab - The Infidels

The Perth Actors Collective* organise rehearsed readings of locally written feature scripts every second month. Actors donate their time and proceedings take place at the Subiaco Arts Centre in an informal atmosphere where members of the local industry mingle with interested on-lookers.

It is a fantastic initiative that's been going since, I think I'm correct in saying, 2005 and is supported by ScreenWest and, of course, Paddy Maguires who supply the free wine and nibbles (along with bad karaoke after the reading!).

I always try and attend to support my fellow writers and it's a great way to hone craft skills by analysing what does and doesn't work in someone else's script. I have had two features read to date: E equals MC squared in 2005 and The Tangled Web in 2007.

So for writers out there, take the opportunity to hear your work and get constructive feedback that can be invaluable in rewrites - pacing, tone, dialogue, where the audience laughed, where they were bored, what characters worked, where the plot falls flat etc. It's also a productive way to network with not only other writers but actors, directors, producers and maybe, just maybe someone who'd like to invest!

Notable guest actor appearances include the late Bud Tingwell and Gary Sweet (famous for his karaoke rendition of Mustang "Gary").

*PAC also run a variety of screen workshops for actors.

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