Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Story So Far ...

Selected films from my credits to date as a little pictorial journey ...

In and Under, 2008 - Director Chris Richards-Scully, Producer Michael Facey
3 minute 'pilot' for an original TV series idea (discussed here)
In the above picture, Jeremy Levi (L) as Bennie Mitchell and Matt Levett (R) as Rhys 'The Jackhammer' Jackman)

Freeze-Frame, 2008 - Director Iain Dawson, Producer Serena Ryan
Independently produced short thriller
In the above picture, Nick Britton as "The Jogger"

Talk Back, 2006 - Director Luke Hadley, Producer Rob Paparde
Pictured above, Steve Havercroft and Saskia Hampele

PAC scene, circa 2006 - Directed by Courtney Waller
Natalie Ravlich and Alfredo Malabello pictured above

PAC scene circa 2005 - Directed by Courtney Waller

Hotel Blue, 2002 - Director Michael Bond, Producer Tony Eades
Interactive Short Feature (approx 50 minutes)
Nova Tranter-Rooke pictured

Slice, 2001 - Director/Producer Glen Eaves
Short thriller and my first produced script
Steve Turner and Christine Bray pictured

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