Friday, November 13, 2009

There's Something About Frank

Another scene from the original set of seven I wrote for Wizard Corporation. Somewhere along the line the "There's" got dropped from the title.

Part of the brief for all these scenes was that they had to be two-handers set in locations readily available to shoot at, preferably interiors. Indeed, the producer's house was used for all the scenes except this one.

I set this as an exterior scene for a) some variety and b) because I envisaged the street where the producer lived could easily be utilised. However, that proved not to be the case though I don't know the exact reason why as I wasn't on set.

So the start of the script is a little different to what was shot. Originally "The Driver" is staking out "Frank's" home and places the gun in his letterbox ... then pretends to change a tyre ... all in the close proximity and familiarity of a quiet suburban street.

What was shot still works because it doesn't change the essential premise and the actions of each character. More a problem solving exercise for the director on the day when the location was changed. Something that happens pretty much on every shoot and a reality screenwriters have to accept.

NB the scene includes some profanity.

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