Friday, November 27, 2009

Update - Quick Hits

The feature film project The Red Bride was submitted last week by Forgeworks to the Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum. This is "Asia's premier project market to connect Asian film makers with upcoming film projects with internationally prominent film financiers for co-production ventures."

A lot of time and effort was spent getting the submission material - synopsis, various statements and bios - in the best possible shape as this will be a fantastic opportunity for us. The forum is in March so now comes the hard part - waiting! I'd expect to hear if we've been accepted early next year.

In the meantime, I am taking another pass at the script, especially the third act which is evolving very nicely.

Jocelyn Quioc, David Revill and myself also had an informal meeting yesterday with the newly appointed Development Manager, Rikki Lea Bestall, from local funding body, ScreenWest. I found it quite inspiring as Rikki Lea was very open, genuinely interested in us as film-makers and in our projects and direction. She also has a background in feature films, recently returning from a 5 year stint in LA, having produced films such as the Robert Downey Jr./Jamie Foxx film The Soloist.

This could presage exciting times as feature films are Forgework's main focus which hasn't always been in synch with ScreenWest's priorities. It also raises the bar as Rikki Lea has been reading 15-20 scripts a week in Hollywood, so now it's time to seriously bring the A game which is perhaps what inspired me most.

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