Sunday, November 8, 2009


This is a continuation of my blog under the same moniker that was hosted on Bigpond. It is about my experiences as a screenwriter in the world's most isolated city, Perth. It is NOT an educational tool about screenwriting as there are many and varied blogs that deal with the craft and business of writing. Hopefully it is an interesting perspective and update on my misadventures in film.

Oh, and my hatred of zombies, love of Vampires*, dismay at Michael Bay, worship at the altar of Aaron Sorkin and a desire to move away from the largely depressing dirges that pass for Australian film.

Yes, my colleagues and I at Forgeworks (more on that later), are unashamedly in the business of developing entertaining feature film projects, the first of which is 'The Red Bride' (formally known as 'Seventh Moon' until some of the people from Blair Witch decided to use that title for a - *grits teeth* - zombie film shot in Hong Kong).

TRB is a supernatural thriller based on the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. I am currently doing revisions to the latest draft [for the purposes of funding bodies and investors - the first draft; for me - the 4th revision of the 3rd draft discounting another 2 drafts that went waaaaaaaaaay off on a tangent].

Anyway, hope you enjoy the blog and the occasional rant.

Richard Hyde

* by Vampire I mean an undead creature that kills humans for their blood, NOT fashion accessories for teenage girls! Yes, I am a traditionalist ...

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