Thursday, December 3, 2009

Interesting ...

... that of the five projects chosen for Screen Australia's Springboard initiative, two were sci-fi thrillers, one a sci-fi drama, the other two a supernatural thriller and a conspiracy thriller. THREE science fiction, FOUR thrillers ... perhaps the Australian film industry has begun to turn the corner and embrace genre after all. No more bleakness!

ps congratulations to WA team Zak Hilditch (writer-director) and Liz Kearney (producer) who were selected

... three hour conversation today with a gentlemen who is literally trying to change the world. He is a member of the Saturday afternoon luncheon gang that frequents the University Club and sought me out to write a pitch for a documentary based on his activities. An interesting networking connection. Alas, it means I'm a day behind delivering the next draft of The Red Bride.

... to see the turnout for last night's Script Lab where another local thriller script was read by professional actors including Tammy Clarkson (The Circuit). A work in progress, it clearly shows there's an interest in genre, this one in the vein of East West 101 meets 24 ... on the big screen!

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