Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beneath Hill 60

This is an upcoming Australian film set in the underground tunnels of World War I where miners from both sides attempt to dig under No-man's land and (literally) undermine the enemy.

"... after two years of claustrophobia and bloodshed, of triumph and heartbreak, it all comes down to a single moment. As infantrymen quietly fix bayonets in the darkness, Oliver Woodward crouches in a muddy bunker preparing to press a detonator that could change the course of the war ..."

There is an excellent website with details of the production, historical information and photos, as well as a blog that tracks progress "... from the development stages and pre-production to the shoot and post-production."

I have often lamented the absence of movies based on Australian historical events so I'm really looking forward to seeing this.

What other events from our history (other than Ned Kelly!) would you like to see on screen? Are you working on an historical piece right now?

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