Thursday, January 28, 2010

Into the Fray once more ...

In the immortal words of Jed Bartlet, "Break's over!" Yes, it's time to dive headlong back into the fray.
While waiting on notes from my Forgeworks colleagues, I've sent The Red Bride script to a select group of readers and have a meeting with the local funding agency tomorrow. Basically I'm seeking fresh eyes and constructive feedback before tackling the next draft.

But it's also the start of submission season. First up, the Warnock Award for unproduced feature scripts. I was shortlisted last year for The Tangled Web but didn't make it out of the interview. I'll roll the dice with TRB and see what happens. If anything, it's another set of readers and scrutiny by a panel of industry professionals.

The winner receives a small grant to hire a script editor and I have a left of field idea about who I'd approach for that role ... if the planets align and I was fortunate enough to win. The subsequent draft is then sent to a script assessment service in London.

So the level of rigour around the script is quite high. Exactly what I'm looking for - to be challenged to make it (and myself) better ... with the ultimate goal to get the script in good enough shape to attract serious production funding/finance. Might even consider a script reading at PAC later in the year.

In the meantime, I wait for notes. I'm actually quite relaxed which is a good sign. Usually I'm a nervous wreck. I take this as progress ...

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