Saturday, January 9, 2010

Postscript (aka The Universe works in mysterious ways)

Today my 20+ year old television stopped working. Within 12 hours of me deciding to go cold turkey on the whole Facebook addiction debacle.

I know this because I can hear my cable tv channels, can't see 'em anymore. Looks like DVDs are out too.

I don't watch much free-to-air television (except when the AFL season is on) and most of what's on cable is recycled pap. Will miss my NBA, EPL and History Channel though.

But clearly the universe has decided to meet me half way and say, "enough with the piss-farting around, get on with it!"

No television. What a concept. Not sure I can afford a new one right now after recently buying a car on finance. Might save some money by cancelling the Foxtel subscription though.

More reading. More writing. More going to the movies.

Funny how the universe works ...

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