Saturday, February 6, 2010

Science Fiction Adaptations

At a recent meeting it was explained to me that the studios won't make original science fiction unless the script is exceptional. The overwhelming preference is for existing material that already has a fan base, be it book, comic, graphic novel etc. Not good news for the notion of resurrecting my original sci fi script! Talk turned to adaptations.

In an ideal world the three properties that I would love to adapt are:

The live action Gerry Anderson series from the early 70's, U.F.O.
E.E. 'Doc' Smith's Lensman series
Timothy Zahn's Conquerors Trilogy

All sorts of problems abound. U.F.O. became Space 1999 and several people have apparently tried to revive it. It's ideal for a Battlestar Galactica style re-imagining.

The Lensman series is a classic space opera style epic and the books would no doubt be in the hands of a studio somewhere.

Not sure abut the Zahn though. Worth looking into further.

But here is my question: What science fiction property would you love to see make it to the big screen (or television series) and why?

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