Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Rant - Writers as Sport

The more I think about it, the more this really bugs me. The Bitter Script Reader is asking for people to submit what they know to be a bad script so that he can publicly eviscerate the writer for a little sport and notoriety. The only comeback being an interview so that poor Joe Schmuck can plead he is a changed writer, "really I am ... honest!"

Except the only thing anybody will ever remember is, "Joe Schmuck, wasn't he that guy who wrote that goddamn awful script that was torn apart on the web. Yeah, think we'll pass on him."

The whole idea shows a stunning lack of respect for writers, especially those who may not know any better. Why would you ever knowingly put something out there that is bad? Especially when the nature of the review will guarantee it spreads like wildfire throughout the net?

So, no thanks. I won't send you a crappy script so you can have a little sport at my expense ... that's what family and non-film friends are for!

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