Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feature Script Development Workshop

A quick shout out to Simon van der Borgh & Jonathan Rawlinson whose 3 day development workshop I've been attending this week along with other Perth writers, writer-directors and producers.

Informative, entertaining and interactive, this has been an excellent look at character, story and structure by analysing films such as Little Miss Sunshine, Transamerica, Muriel's Wedding and Remains of the Day. Also through exercises like today's The "Most" Character where we had 90 minutes to write roughly a one page outline identifying character wants/needs and hitting key story points for a (new) feature idea. Not easy!

Reading out and analysing these in a supportive environment was most instructive. Not only from a craft perspective but listening to other people's storytelling styles and ideas is always inspiring. Discussion has been effusive and good-natured. The talent around the table is inspiring (if not a little intimidating) and the level of passion for the craft of storytelling a joy.

This isn't just theory but a practical way at looking how to develop projects. I have already started to re-assess my work through, particularly, today's discussions.

Looking forward to the final day tomorrow - more analysis, more exercises then a drink or three with colleagues to wind up an excellent three days.

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