Sunday, March 28, 2010

A surprising development

Today there was an informal breakfast meeting of the Forgeworks cohort. I'm sure there's a witty anecdote about the way people order theirs eggs being an insight into their ... something or other ... but we'll leave that for future discussion. A debrief on the development workshop was handled with aplomb, discussions on the script with Worcestershire sauce ... and the eggs weren't runny at all. So all was good.

Then we discussed 'what's next' while The Red Bride script goes through its development track ... and it appears the 'next' is a low budget horror film! As in $1 million budget, straight genre and, as everyone seems to be reminding me lately, SIMPLE. Not only that, we went back to the director, Chris', original idea for Trench before I turned it into a "hundred million dollar studio film". Only a couple of zeros lopped off the budget, no problem!

A little spitballin' over bacon and coffee later and the period elements had vanished leaving a contemporary setting for a straight genre monster film. Now that's NOT what I expected to come out of today's meeting ... but could be fun.

With the advice that you can only have TWO of the following three elements being complicated in your script - character, story, plot - I shall turn off my memorial Ronald D. Moore complication antenna and get to thinking about a clever (but not TOO clever) Australian monster movie idea (... that isn't Razorback ... or involve Barry Humphries in drag ... or killer kangaroos in the outback ... or ...)

See you in the trenches!

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