Sunday, March 7, 2010

The V Sweepstakes

Tonight witnessed one of those rare occurrences on prime time Australian television - the airing of a science fiction show! In this case, the remake of V. It was an okay pilot - very clunky in places but did an adequate job of setting the series up (given everybody knows what the big reveal is from the original anyway).

But here's the question: how long will it take Channel 9 to yank it from the Sunday 8.30pm timeslot and dump it in the 10.30pm slot (or later) where all science fiction goes to die in this country? (What did happen to Stargate: Universe after a midweek premiere last year?)

Nine have advertised it for 8.30pm next week so they will likely honour that unless ratings were catastrophic. My tip is episode 3 will mysteriously disappear into the late night ether. Looking at the following episode ratings are not that high. This might be a show that takes time to build a following or simply doesn't deliver on the promise of the original which I certainly remember watching as a kid.

What's your tip? Did you enjoy the pilot? Will you keep watching?

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