Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Big Mo

There I was, resting on my laurels, latest draft of the script delivered, thinking I would have some down time. It would take a while for the local funding body to set up a panel, read the Feature Navigator scripts, make a decision on who to award the two grants to.

Until I read my email late last night. Gasp! My producers have presented a timeline for the next few months which calls for a new draft... in less than a month! Holy RSI, Batman! Well that certainly got my attention.

What I love about it is this - the producers are getting excited because the script is close, hopefully real close. They want to push ahead regardless of the result of the funding round to get a market ready script. Momentum, I love it!

The submission of the script was accompanied with development notes including my thoughts on changes to be made in the next draft. I'm comfortable we have finally cracked the story and now it's a question of execution, particularly given the genre and the twists within. The latest draft was a page one rewrite. Future drafts will require a scalpel and no longer a cudgel.

So shortly I will have to saddle up and get my brain back into gear to tackle the script again. I had put it away, literally and mentally, because I was too close to it after working furiously to meet the deadline. You need time to get perspective after such an intensive rewrite period.

I look forward to reading the script with the benefit of that time (albeit shorter than I thought!) and re-entering our ghostly world of The Red Bride.

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  1. This is how you structure screenplays (King's Speech example): http://www.youtube.com/user/clickokdotcodotuk?gl=GB#p/u/4/WQt7Ro9MZ4Y