Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's next? (or Time to start a new script)

Ah yes, the immortal words of President Bartlet. Another one is "Break's over." And so it is. I have rewrites to do on two scripts over the coming weeks/months but I have a hankering to start something brand new. No notes, no discussions, no new drafts, no changes... just a blank page and an idea, pristine and unsullied by 'other voices'.

Today a thought came to me that I wrote down:

Screenwriters are like sharks - momentum is everything. The moment your writing starts to stagnate it's all over, your creativity dies. The search for new ideas, fresh ways to execute existing material, and the need to constantly hone, polish and rewrite is paramount.

I could revisit much older material but I think it's time to move on (unless there is an incentive like, say, an option agreement involved!).

So what will this new project be? Well, here are some log lines I prepared earlier. People have been prodding me towards high concept ideas and I suspect that's where my writing inclinations truly reside. All of these bar one have some form of existing material - mostly synopses or concept documents. Mostly they are ideas... and yes, a dozen different writers would give 12 completely different interpretations so I'm not going to lose much sleep about "my ideas being stolen."

Which one would you like to see as a movie? Do any intrigue you? Excite you? In other words, help me pick my next project!

Your contenders are:

1) A brilliant yet unstable hacker who deliberately infects himself with a virulent computer virus must fight to regain his humanity before he plunges the world into a new Dark Ages.

2) A dispassionate scientist must stop a secret clique of mutant humans from releasing a synthetic ebola virus designed to wipe out the world’s normal population.

3) A traumatised kidnap victim uses her newly discovered powers of witchcraft to hunt down and destroy the coven that imprisoned her for seven years.

4) A cocksure policeman must stop a brutally inventive serial killer who selects and kills his victims in cyberspace.

5) As the men in his WWI re-enactment group become possessed by the ghosts of battles past, a selfish farmer’s son must cross into no-man’s land to confront an evil that grips the now deadly battlefield.

All feedback welcome!


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