Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A cold hard truth

Today was one of meetings and writing interrupted by news that a funding submission had not been successful. While waiting for a producer to arrive for the last of my meetings I wrote the following the old fashioned way with pen and notebook. On re-reading my scrawl it struck me as solely a reflection of my mood at that specific time which was despondent and lachrymose. I was going to disregard it but a certain truth is captured that is perhaps important to acknowledge.

So here it is transcribed and unedited. I apologise in advance for what Sam Seaborn might call the bad "poetry."

It's a cold hard truth. The scope of my imagination is not compatible with the limit of what's achievable in the current Australian film scene. 

The big conspiracy thriller - on life support.
The even bigger supernatural war film - stillborn.
Big budget science fiction... in Australia? Don't make me laugh. 

Too big, too complex, too unbelievable. 
Time to go back to the drawing board.
Simpler, less ambitious, smaller. 

Time is running out - my ill-gotten corporate payout whittling away. 

A reboot is in order... or just a boot up the backside.

The writer's eternal dilemma - what's the killer idea with the irresistable (sic) hook, mass audience appeal, but achievable on a realistic budget?

Thinking cap on...

I forgot to add - it was a good day of meetings and writing. One moment, one decision, one setback can't change that or any of the many other good days.

Something to always remember.

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