Saturday, August 27, 2011

One Year Ago

Today is the first anniversary of my involuntary redundancy from a company I worked at for a combined 21 years.

A day I still have mixed feelings about. 

Loss of a decent wage, some semblance of security and maybe, if I was being honest, a sense of self-worth. 

On the positive side, the ability to be debt free and time rich. 

I have not worked a regular job since, living off my modest redundancy payout and writing. The time when that will need to change draws inexorably nearer. I suspect that nagging feeling I am experiencing is dread.

So today will be one of reflection. This afternoon I am going to see a play - a comedy - I hope the laughter takes my mind off other things.

Last year when told I was no longer required due to cutbacks of nine hundred people in a big national company I went to see Inception. May the right side of my brain continue to conquer the left in such matters.

Tomorrow will be a new day in more ways than one...

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  1. Mission accomplished - had a good laugh; was impressed by the acting even though the play itself was a little uneven; and I'm inspired by one actor in particular who was on a film shoot all morning then starred in the matinee with a show to follow tonight!