Monday, November 7, 2011

Fabulous West Australian Web Series needs your support - Soulfish

Last year, Henry & Aaron famously won the inaugural Movie Extra Webfest competition and $50,000 to make a 7 part web series. Those episodes air on Foxtel in under a month's time.

This year is a little more complicated for me as there are two local projects that I've had some minor involvement with (script feedback mainly) that I would like to commend for your support.

They are "The Same Paige" by good friend Anna Bennetts and "Soulfish" by a group of talented Filmbites actors under the auspices of their production company White Frawgz.

I have only known the young actors who make up White Frawgz for about six months through my involvement with Filmbites' Professional Partnership Program. But they have certainly left an impression with their talent and commitment to the craft of acting and making excellent films. The two short screenplays I've written for Filmbites should go into production next month and I'm really looking forward to seeing the outcome. If Soulfish is anything to go by they will be excellent.

I think it might have been at my last visit that it was mentioned they were writing a rom-com web series. Movie Extra Webfest seemed to be the perfect fit. I was impressed with a video they had shot for another competition and even though they weren't picked as a finalist (a quite glaring omission) it showed White Frawgz knew what they were doing.

So we come to Soulfish which has a really interesting angle about the transition from "teendom to adulthood" and looking for that special someone. There is an authenticity here that is based on the collective real life experience of the group so the development of the series will be fascinating to watch. They really are a tight knit bunch as their many and increasingly elaborate pranks can attest! When it comes to film-making though they are very savvy and very skilled.

The Link to watch the one minute trailer is:

Once you have watched, please click "Love It" under the video box. 

There is also a facebook page at:

Soulfish was written by White Frawgz and directed by Jessica Hegarty and Hannah Hugessen and stars Corey Hogan, Jessica Hegarty, Hannah Hugessen, Baden Harris, Zachary Drieberg, Jaymes Durante and Whitney Cooper.

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