Sunday, April 15, 2012

Short Film Shoot - Darkness

Some stills from the first two days of shooting for my short script "Darkness" written as part of Filmbites' Professional Partnership Program.


A teenager wakes in complete darkness and is horrified to discover that she is locked in a basement… and is not alone. Her mysterious companion is strangely resigned to their fate and tells the teenager they can never leave.

Upstairs, two housemates watch old movies until one hears a noise coming from the basement. Scared, she begs the other to check it out.

As the traumatised teenager desperately tries to escape, the housemate descends a rickety staircase that leads to a locked door. What she finds inside will change both their lives forever…

Director: Paul Komadina; Producers: Emilia Jolakoska & Hallie Mckeig; DOP: David Le May; Written by Richard Hyde.

Starring: Caitlin Ashley-Thompson, Hannah Hugessen, Jessica Hegarty & Jessica O'Connor.

More pictures on the Filmbites facebook page. "Like" the page while you're there to support a fabulous Youth Film School.

Two housemates watch old movies... 
The writer slouching about trying to stay out of the way.

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