Monday, May 7, 2012

Live Below The Line - Please Donate

I rarely use this blog for topics that aren't directly related to screenwriting matters, however, I would like to promote a wonderful cause: Live Below The Line. This is where people agree to live on only $2 a day for 5 days to experience extreme poverty to raise awareness and much needed funds.

Paraphrased from the LBL website: Donations will be used to build a new high school in Papua New Guinea. The school will provide traditional secondary education, as well as vocational training and a special needs learning centre - one of the first of its kind in PNG. Live Below the Line will also fund scholarships to ensure that all students in the area can attend the new school. 

Actors from Filmbites Youth Film School were involved in one of the promotional videos (below) and are now participating in the week.

You can make a donation at the Filmbites' page on the LBL website here or support individual members of the team. 

You can also follow people's individual stories and experiences worldwide on the Twitter hashtag #livebelowtheline

Could you live on only this for 5 days?
Please share the links and donate to a great cause.


Individuals you can support and local (Perth) actors:

Amy Murray (Sleepyhead):

Jessica Hegarty (Soulfish, Deadtime):

Richard Hyde


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  2. Let me know of any other Perth actors participating and I'll add the link to their personal donation page.