Saturday, June 30, 2012

Darkness - Light at the end of the tunnel

After a delay of over two months the short film Darkness recommenced shooting last night. I’m not across all the details – once I deliver the shooting script my involvement largely is one as interested spectator – however, there was a combination of key crew availability; coordinating the actors’ schedules; and issues to do with obtaining a key location that led to such a big gap between day two and day three of a five day schedule.

Caitlin (Hannah Hugessen) and Samantha (Jessica Hegarty) square off.
Suffice to say, I was happy to visit the location where a dedicated and talented group of crew and actors had gathered to complete our little film. There were some new faces – notably Director of Photography, Antony Webb who had come in for David Le May who was unavailable due to other commitments – and many familiar ones.

It’s quite humbling to see all these people working so diligently in somewhat difficult circumstances – it was a cold Perth winter night and the set was a cramped basement. I will tell you the ceiling was such that I had to stoop (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) but you wouldn’t have wanted to be anything over about 5’10 for it to have been vertically challenging.

With a new DoP came a different camera which didn’t allow for a monitor for technical reasons beyond my understanding. This meant I didn’t get to see much of the actual shoot. Though the director, Paul Komadina, seemed in good spirits as our usual banter confirmed (I’m sure much to the bemusement of the rest of the crew).

Forced inside due to the cold, it was great to see the attention to detail with the make-up and costuming of the actors. Indeed, it was the only time I was asked a question in reference to the script all night to which I gave a very pragmatic answer re the look of one of the characters. To explain further would stray into spoiler territory. It was also interesting watching the actors running lines for their scene as they were being made up.

Debbie (Jessica O'Connor) - what's behind the red door? 
I jokingly had remarked that one of the advantages of being a writer on set with nothing to do was that I didn’t have to stay until the scheduled 1am finish. Nor did I – but I knew everything was in good hands. The shoot continues over the next two evenings and I intend to try and see the filming of the closing scenes including the somewhat intricate climax.

Jessica Hegarty as Samantha.
Special mention to actor Jessica Hegarty who came off a 5am start for the second day of a feature film shoot to back up for Darkness. Greatly appreciated, Jess. Also to Doug and Toby whose house has been invaded by a bunch of filmmakers for the weekend. 

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