Monday, September 24, 2012

Live Below The Line - The Result

Back in May I posted about Live Below The Line, a great initiative to raise money for extreme poverty. Well, the good folk at LBL want me to tell you how things went. An excerpt from their email:

Richard --

In May this year, you supported something a little left of centre.

“Jessica is living on $2 a day? That’s crazy...” – you might have thought. And yes, you were kind of right, Live Below the line is tough challenge!

But here’s the thing -- your support, in the end, made a real difference.

Along with 52,324 other Australians, you helped spread the word that while poverty can seem overwhelming, it can be ended.

And your support helped spark a movement. Together, 7812 Live Below the Lin-ers across Australia raised over $1.9 million to help provide an education to those who need it most. You made this impact happen.

A video of the impact:

Well done to all those who participated and to the donors.

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