Monday, June 24, 2013

Shout outs and Gratuitous Plugs, Part 2

Yes, it's that time again when I throw some love the way of people doing good things, in these cases on stage or on mountains. It's all a matter of scale I guess... or incline perhaps?

First off - go see the play Animal.

No, stop reading, just go. Now. Right now. Immediately!

Brilliantly written, superbly acted it is a tale about human drug experimentation in a time of civil unrest. I know what you're thinking, "that old hoary chestnut?" No, seriously, it is brutal, provocative, thought provoking with a sly sense of black humour. Even seeing it on a Friday night after a week of work and three stubbies of cider, I was on the edge of my seat absolutely rapt. On at the Pakenham Street Art Space (PSAS) by the Upstart Theatre Company it's running Tuesday through Saturday of this week.

The facebook event page is here or you can book tickets here.

Up next, the hilarious musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at the Koorliny Arts Centre in Kwinana. You can read my review and learn about my onstage disappointment as I bombed out... on a made up word *shakes fist* "There was a real buzz from the audience after the show ended and it is genuinely laugh out loud funny. But do you dare volunteer to go on stage?"

Bookings here but be quick as there are only three shows left this weekend!

Thrice, it is nearly time to witness the West Australian Youth Theatre Company's production of Another Twin. The cream of Perth's young acting talent will be on stage exploring the hot button topic of the internet so what's not to like? I shall be there opening night with reward tickets from their successful Pozible campaign. Two older model mobiles have been sacrificed for the cause as well.

The event page is here or book tickets here.

Which brings us to the mountain. A local actress and her partner are "...climb(ing) Mt Kinabalu (Borneo) on behalf of Coalition Duchenne, to raise awareness and much needed research funds for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy." They are looking for donations to support this worthy cause and have set up a facebook page. They hope to... oh, look, let me let them tell it in their own windblown (sorry, Jess, couldn't resist!) words:

Three fantastic pieces of entertainment and one worthy cause. What more could you ask for? Get to it Perth... and beyond.

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